Agpograf’s policy and strategy

AGPOGRAF, S.A. has established its mission as a Graphic Arts industry supplier of all products related to the prepress, printing, finishing and all requirements requested by the client, designed to provide a comprehensive graphic industry service.

The aim of our professionals is based on offering and providing products and services, in accordance with the requirements and specifications set out by the customers themselves. In the same vein, we endeavour to anticipate the needs of customers, in order to meet their expectations. The commercial management department defines the strategies and resources to use in order to establish a more effective dialogue with the customer. The attitude and relationship with the customer focuses on ”listening”, which contributes to improving customer relations.

The whole management and production system forms part of an Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System that provides the guidelines for operation, facilitates data analysis for making decisions, which are always directed towards continuous improvement, in accordance with process requirements.

The relationship with our collaborators and suppliers is interdependent; we look for the most objective and efficient means of communication that will benefit all parties. At annual meetings, strategic agreements are made with our collaborators and suppliers. The daily interaction with our suppliers is rigourous in terms of our quality objective, but flexible and consistent with our philosophy of interpersonal relationships.

The improvement and development of the manufacturing lines and service, is based on a system of interrelated processes and on the information provided by the integrated system. This information is set out, annually, in the system review report. Our processes contain and express everything that will ensure compliance with the requirements of quality, the environment and the chain of custody in the realisation of the entire process map.

Our staff members are aware and personally committed to contributing in the best way possible to achieve the annually established objectives for quality, productivity and sales as well as the objectives regarding environmental issues. Through IMS Committee meetings, meetings of departments and other communication channels, improvement proposals are gathered and the corresponding actions are established. We encourage the degree of participation of all staff (administration and production) because they are the ones who know most about the problems of each area.

The Policy and Strategy of the integrated system, is communicated to all levels of the organisation through the IMS management’s delivery of this document which describes the Policy, and through Committee meetings with all the staff for the implementation, maintenance and improvement of the system.

The heads of Department have in-depth knowledge of the integrated management system manual contents in the aspects that affect their area of responsibility in order to manage and promote their application. They are also involved in the task of defining the objectives of their processes and the respective indicators that allow them to evaluate and put forward proposals for improvement. This task is performed with the collaboration of all the company’s staff members, who are also involved in the design of objectives and indicators. The company management deals with the effectiveness of working with indicators, and the information obtained is applied in the research and implementation of improvement actions.

Training policy: The qualification of the staff at AGPOGRAF is sufficient to fulfil the mission and the declared values. The improvement of the company’s staff competence is aimed at satisfying the real needs of the customers, the staff members themselves and collaborators. For all these reasons, the process of training and promotion of own staff is continuous, as a measure to help us adapt to the changes and demands of the market, as well as give encouragement to our employees. All the possible resources are provided to give training aspects their due importance. Priority is given to on-site training.

Prevention policy: Strict compliance with the law on Occupational Risk Prevention and its creative application to provide better service for our customers.

Fulfilment of legal and other requirements: The integration of quality and environmental management systems obliges the organisation to comply with the relevant EU, state, autonomous and local legal requirements.

Environmental policy: All the people who work at the company are committed to respecting the environment, avoiding or minimising the impacts of the various environmental aspects. The organisation is up to date in the research of all innovations and advances that could be positive for the protection, conservation and sustainability of the system in the industrial environment. The company maintains and is increasing realistic commitment to environmental policy.

Chain of Custody: the Organisation has implemented and certified the FSC chain of custody (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) in order to assure our customers and the end consumer of the product, that the raw material (paper) comes from a responsibly managed forest and with environmental criteria. In this way we reaffirm our commitment to respect for the environment even further.

The company complies with the implementation of the MAF 9000 Guide for the manufacture of packaging material destined for the pharmaceutical sector, incorporating the following aspects: Pollution control is established in accordance with the provisions of the ISO 14001 standard, along with a procedure and related documents regarding inspection and control of the materials used and of the final product.

Agpograf is committed to the global reality in economic, social and cultural aspects. Our behaviour, both regarding internal relationships and relationships with our suppliers and customers, is based on humanist principles and commitment to the reality of our environment (economic, social and cultural).

The Management periodically carries out an ongoing review of the integrated management system (objectives, documentation, records, processes, actions, organisation chart, etc.), with the aim of securing this as the most effective and efficient instrument for the management of the company.