2. What should MULTICHROME be used for?
3. Do I need to touch up the images in any way beforehand?
4. What format should I submit the files I want to print in Multichrome in?
5. How do I know if an image would be better if printed using Multichrome or CMYK?
6. What level of accuracy do the colour proofs have in comparison to CMYK ISO 12647/7?
7. It is true that the MULTICHROME can reproduce almost the entire Pantone range? How do you do it?
8. Multichrome is the ideal technology for making COLOUR CHARTS AND PRODUCT SAMPLES that require a high level of accuracy. Which formats does it use?
9. Which type of paper is best to use with Multichrome?
10. Can you specific colour profiles depending on the type of paper or profiles tailored for each client?
11. How do you convert the colours from RGB to Multichrome?
12. How does the 20-micron stochastic screening affect the final quality of the work?
13. Why are the images so sharp?
14. Who could benefit from using Multichrome?