It is Agpograf’s 50th birthday. We want to share this satisfaction with everyone who made it possible: those who work and have worked for the company, the partners that have always been by our side, weaving a strong and solvent network, and of course, especially with you, our clients and friends. We want to thank you for your trust and for having made this achievement possible, which encourages us to continue with renewed strength and goals.
In these fifty years, we have been faithful to the original objectives, continuously reinvesting all that the company generates. Only this demand has allowed us to continuously renew our fleet of machines, to balance the essence and the desire to remain competitive over time. Today, in a hardened and extremely competitive environment, we continue to expand and invest in new services.
Our company meets the strictest quality standards in environmental certifications (PEFC, FSC, CDTICG-Good Environmental Practice), quality processes (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001), and color management (ISO 12647/2).
We are pioneers in Europe for a revolutionary technology presented especially in this book: Multichromy, a technique for high-quality printing that can reproduce virtually the entire spectrum of RGB color in offset printing, yet another example of our commitment to research and development within the printing industry.
Thanks to multichromy we have managed to go beyond the usual standards of color reproduction.
We truly believe that market diversification is the key to the survival and competitiveness of companies, which is why we export an increasingly significant volume of products and services to France and Switzerland, and we have recently laid the foundation stone for working with Quebec and Germany. This requirement also has a positive impact on improved services for our closer and traditional customers.

Montserrat Gonzàlez